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Benefits & Testimonials

I have been grooming since 2001 and like most groomers, tried many products.  I discovered Envirogroom Professional Pet Products at the Atlanta Pet Fair in 2010 and I loved the idea of natural shampoo in my business.  I admit, I was leary of poor lathering compared to chemical-based shampoos but decided to give it a try.  Within one year, I replaced all of my other shampoos with the Envirogroom line!  Listed below are the reasons why I love Envirogroom and have become a distributor of their amazing products.  
-Tara Pellegrino
Owner Million Dollar Dog, Inc.


High Dilution Rates = MONEY SAVED

Let's face it, grooming is hard work and you deserve every penny!  Why spend it on costly shampoo? 


Average Price per Gallon of the Commercial Brands = $25

Dilutes 16:1 = $1.50 per diluted gallon

Dilutes 10:1 = $2.50 per diluted gallon

Dilutes 5:1 = $5.00 per diluted gallon


Average Price per Gallon of Envirogroom Shampoo = $32

Dilutes 32:1 = $1.00 per diluted gallon – a savings of 30% compared to the 16:1

Dilutes 50:1 = $.65 per diluted gallon – a savings of 75% compared to the 16:1


Delivery Available to Select Areas


We are based out of Charlotte, NC and deliver to many of the large cities in the Southeast.  If you are in Charlotte, Greensboro, Winston Salem, Asheville, Columbia, SC, Spartenburg, SC, Raleigh, Boone, Charleston, SC, Atlanta, Anderson, SC and the surrounding towns to these large cities, we bring the shampoo to you every month.  No delivery fees.  If you are unsure if we come to your town, please contact us and we will be happy to see what we can offer you!​


Flat Shipping Rates Nationwide

If you are outside of our delivery territory, we charge a flat rate for products ordered to simplify your ordering. 

$5-$190 = $18

$191-$300 = $28

Orders over $301 = Free Shipping!​


Our Knowledge & Expertise

We are not just sales people - we understand your business.  Tara has been a groomer since 2001 and an owner of a grooming spa in Belmont, NC since 2005.  Dan has been around the grooming world since 2002, a dog owner who does his own bathing(!!) and has been servicing groomers, breeders, boarding facilities and veterinarians since 2012.  Our combined knowledge gives us an advantage to our competitors.  We can help you save money & make money with up-selling ideas and retail opportunities.  Your success is our number one priority.  ​



We Want You to SUCCEED

Ask any of our current clients, and they will say how we will keep their budgets in check by providing a detailed analysis of their buying trends and help get through the busy and the slow seasons.  In addition, we will give you any resources you can use to succeed!  Please check out various POS Signs for upselling opportunities used in Million Dollar Dog, Inc.  You are welcome to use all of them in your spa's!  ​

Do you have a comment or testimonial?  We would love to hear from you!

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