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life·hack ˈlīfˌhak/noun informal

plural noun: life hacks

a strategy or technique adopted in order to manage one’s time and daily activities in a more efficient way.

Courtesy of Google’s Definition


We have all heard the term Life Hack and believe me, I try hard each and every day to implement some sort of plan to make life:

easier, simpler, cheaper, faster, better, less stressful and more manageable

There are hacks on just about everything from your car, to your home to personal safety.  But did you know there was a SHAMPOO HACK?  If you didn’t, don’t worry – I just made that up!  It’s my way of utilizing the products I have in my shop, that can be used for other purposes as well.  That way, I always have something on hand when the situation calls for it.

Now normally I don’t just do a blog selling Envirogroom products out-right.  That is not the intention of this site.  We’re here to discuss all things related to your business and clients.  HOWEVER, this is one of those moments where I have to break my own rules and showcase the Shampoo Hacks created by Envirogroom.  

Think of it like a gratuitous nudity scene in your favorite movie.  There is no point to see Matt Damon’s backside in The Martian.  I read the book – he’s not naked!  But for the sake of the ladies in the audience that may not like sci-fi, they had to throw it in. Yup, I’m doing it too.  No nudity – just Envirogroom!

Let’s get started!  

Here’s a list of the 9 shampoo hacks created by Envirogroom Professional Pet Products

#1 Natural Green Ear Cleaner – thoroughly cleans the ear but also can treat hot spots. Dab gently on those yucky spots and let the drying agents do the work.

#2 Scram Spray – flea spray that can also relieve mosquito bites for you and your pets instantly.  Also works on poison ivy irritation. Another use - pour 1 oz in any shampoo gallon to help relieve the itches. Finally, use as a pest deterrent in your garden and on vegetables. (Now available in the gallon!)

#3 No Rinse Waterless Shampoo Spray – can be used on the faces of dogs that do not respond well to water on their heads. Also, if you have a pet that has been traumatized by water (natural disasters come to mind), use this instead.

#4 Mint Julep Shampoo – a great texturizer but also can calm the most stressed out dogs in the tub due to the Lavendar oil built in. Put it around their head, face and neck (careful of those eyes because it is not tearless) and watch as the panting pooch slowly calms down.

#5 Demat Pro – Leave-in conditioner PLUS quick drying spray in ONE PRODUCT! The scent is so clean that it can even be used as the cologne at the end.

#6 Berry Silk Conditioner – One of the most popular conditioners can also be used as a finishing spray diluted 64:1. A very little goes a long way!

# 7 Cranberry Facial Foaming Face Wash – used on faces because it is tearless but also can be used on fanny’s after an anal expression! This amazing product also comes in 6 other scents: Coconut, Girly Girl, Pretty Boy, Ginger Spice, Plum Blossom and Sweet Cookie. Faces and butts have never spelled better!

#8 Neem Supreme Shampoo – use as a foot soak to help relieve damaged paw pads, itchy and chewed feet. Our clients have said that it relieved the chewing up to 2 weeks.

#9 Odor Blaster Spray – safe for pets but also can be sprayed in kennels, the air and on bedding and furniture.

Do you have any hacks that you use in your business?  It doesn’t have to be just on shampoo or Envirogroom.  Love to hear what little things you have come up with too!  

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